Live webcasting & video streaming in Washington DC

ICV produces Live Webcast in for The Elder Justice Council.

ICV’s east coast crews were Live webcasting in Washington DC for the Elder Justice Council Conference. Using our video flypacks, fiber HD cameras and mobile encoding racks we were able to produce and wrap a live webcast on very short notice. We also provide the website portal for the webcast. Using that ICV provided website, the global audience is able to access the live webcast in HD quality via our Akamai powered CDN. You can also choose to provide an on-demand playback after the event.

Managing events is painless using our V3 live webcasting platform where you can create events, manage the agenda and content, control users and even sell access – live and on-demand. Couple that with ICV’s complete A/V and video production services and we can produce and manage any size webcast event.

Stream to a global audience or within your enterprise securely.

ICV Digital Media
Learn more at or call 800-272-3070 to get a demo of our video streaming and webcasting platform and video production services for live webcasting events.