Live Webcasting Services in Los Angeles by ICV

Live webcasting in Los Angeles for New England Journal of Medicine

Live webcasting services in Los Angeles

ICV is in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai producing a live webcast for the New England Journal of Medicine this week. Using our custom live webcasting and live event management platform ICV is able to provide a complete live webcast environment and all video and tech services  needed for an enterprise such as NEJM.  By using our complete video production and streaming services, NEJM has been able to accelerate the number of webcasts and greatly expand the reach and the audience for their live events.

Live Webcasting Service in Los Angeles

Our webcasting platform is built to support global recurring webcasts such as these Panel based forums, industry or association conferences or corporate all-hands and townhall meeting webcasts. We give you full control of the event content, the audience, users and registration. Ideal for corporate or association communication as well as public audiences. We even include payment gateways for a revenue model such as a conference webcast.

Our mobile full-time crews are based across the country and the world giving us a presence for video production services for any of your remote locations.


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