ICV video streaming webcast production video player for eBay

San Jose, CA. Live webcasting for eBay in San Jose

Corporate communication – Video production

eBay and Event Architects called on ICV again for Live webcasting services in the silicon Valley – San Jose. This week company-wide Q&A sessions with eBay CEO Devin Wenig. eBay’s annual meetings cover many aspects of the e-commerce giant’s operations. Integrating Live Webcasting for these meetings connects with teams and departments to allow the organization and its people to drill down and get one on one with the people and the messages that matter to them.

Often these webcasts are decided on short notice as business information changes. eBay takes advantage of ICV’s immediate response to request a live stream production. Our remote crews and our developers at our headquarters manage and deploy the production and technology for the entire operation.

Live Webcast video player and portal by ICV

By utilizing our Media Portal platform, ICV is able to deploy numerous custom players and webcast portals for eBay on a moments notice. We setup the web assets, the crews load-in the video flypacks, setup and we are streaming to these secure branded URLS within hours. We include live person webcast support, Chat and Multi-point interaction around the world.

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