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Washington, DC. ICV Digital Media, Webcasting live for Global Health Care

Live Webcasting Services for the RAC SUMMIT – 3 Day Conference

3 days at the Seventh National Physician Advisor and Utilization Review Boot Camp. ICV has produced the multi day conference and streamed it live every year since its inception. Multiple rooms with dozens of speakers. All streamed live within an ICV Custom Media Portal built, deployed and easily managed within our V3 Media Portal Platform.

RAC Summit Webcast

ICV provides all Video Production services for large scale conferences. Multiple HD Fiber cameras, digital disk Ki-Pro recorders, video switchers and audio mixers for the Keynote and Breakout sessions and more. We also provide the unique value of managing all of the technology for your events including user registration, speakers and agendas, website event landing pages and reminder emails. All done within our proprietary Enterprise Webcast Management System – V3+

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