Virtual Event Webcast

Virtual Events using RUBICON – Secure webcasts made easy

Using ICV’s Virtual Event Platform RUBICON, interactive multipoint virtual meetings are now within reach of any organization. No need to pivot your entire IT and event process. ICV handles the entire funnel of requirements.

We provide all video tech and gear, arrange remote locations and equipment and host, stream and produce everything.

Using our own custom Virtual Event platform – RUBICON – you get total control, flexibility, great video quality and security.

Not just for meetings, webcasting large multi-day conferences is what the platform excels at. Rubicon makes events simple to launch, flexible and secure. No snooping.

Organizations can have secure meetings within a branded portal at the URL of their choice. Conference events can be hybird or 100% virtual.
No hassles. We handle the entire production including video, hosting and support.

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