Video production live webcasting equipment rack with multiple Digital Video Recorders Ki-Pros

San Diego – Live Webcasting corporate townhall event.

ICV is in San Diego today for a fast turnaround Executive Messaging webcast. Streaming the secure session to a worldwide audience as well as to staff in their San Diego offices, Nuvasive again has entrusted ICV to manage their this important company communication event.

Live webcasting for company wide meetings like this one is a huge part of ICV’s work in 2019. We understand that Live webcasting meetings in and of itself is not the newest thing, but a high percentage of our new clients – event planners, corporate communication specialists or meeting organizers – are working with ICV to avoid enduring a repeat of previous failures caused by their first webcasting vendor, usually a local production company jumping into Live Webcasting without checking the water first.

Having a camera and a computer does not make you a Live Webcasting company.

Yes Live Webcasting is Video Production, but it’s Video Production PLUS:

  • Web application development
  • Internet engineering
  • Custom programming
  • Secure web hosting
  • Secure streaming via CDN
  • Event registration, user management
  • Meeting planning
  • Sales support, marketing and so much more

ICV has been webcasting for over 25 years all over the globe. We’ve developed our our extremely powerful Live Webcasting Media Engine that we use to design, launch and stream live and on-demand webcasts in your own custom portal at the secure URL of your choice. Or embed the stream in your own page, even within your network.

We’ve deployed 100’s of webcast portals for 1000’s of webcasts nationwide and worldwide for Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups. EDU’s non-profits and entertainment events, we have the full-time people, decades of experience and studios full of video gear to manage the entire live webcasting process for any size event, so you don’t have to. For one flat fee and with no recurring contract.

Call 800-272-3070 or visit to learn more about live webcasting for your company or conference